Call Me After the Holiday

Have you started hearing, “Call me after the Holiday” yet? If not, you will! There’s always a holiday getting in the way as an excuse!

Even though it’s not quite the summer season yet, the MarketReach staff has already begun hearing the objection, “Call me after the holiday” relating, of course, to Labor Day. If you are making prospecting calls, you may start hearing the same. While the summer months sometimes give license for a “floating in the pool” mentality, marketing must go on, despite our daydreaming of the pool and beach!
Try the following rebuttal for “Call me after the holidays”:

“My calendar fills up pretty quickly. Why don’t we set a tentative appointment now for August/September? Do you have your calendar in front of you?”

“Tentative” is a great word, because it won’t make your prospect feel as if they are making a hard and fast commitment. Always ask the prospect to take out their calendar. It makes it much more likely that they will agree to an appointment.

Remember: any appointment you make now will make it a little easier to make sales starting in September, rather than beginning the arduous process then. Even if you are unable to get the appointment over the next few weeks, you’ll sure have plenty of great warm, follow up calls to make!