How MarketReach and our clients go after a target market

1.  Get a client or two and write the case study for future use.

2.  Obtain a prospect list in that industry.

3. Work the list- with phone calls and direct mail. Get a couple more clients.

4. Write an article for the Trade Publication. Consider advertising.

5. Do a speaking engagement in the target’s Membership Association.

6. Go to their conference/ trade show. Take a booth.

7. Build your email newsletter, phone, and social media list from all this marketing activity!

8. Do more phone calling, only now it will be WARM calling!

9. You now should be considered an expert, having gained volumes of credibility from working with other companies “just like them”.

10. Rake in the business!

Spend less on marketing but earn a greater ROI because you’ve identified a target market, and gone after it with a single minded, laser-focused approach!

from Amanda Puppo’s presentation Multi Channel Marketing Program