Case Study

Let’s say, for example, that you know that your sales cycle takes a bit longer than the average, and you decide you’d like to begin with a larger pilot program. After determining all of the variables concerning your business, including how much an average closed sale yields in gross and net, we may, for example, put together our expectations as such:  

{EXAMPLE} MarketReach Pilot Campaign: Company X:
An investment by Company X into a long term $6,000 lead generation program, is predicted to yield 25-36 leads. This estimate is based on various elements such as brand awareness in the marketplace, list accuracy, competition in the area, and accessibility of influencers / decision makers.  For Company X, an average close yields $14k over the course of a year in revenue, so closing  7  of 30 leads, should yield an average of $98,000 from the pilot campaign. At 30% profit, this client brings in $27,000 for every lead generation investment. Any unexpected large sales would of course offset this return dramatically in Company X’s favor. This company will also benefit from ownership of the consistently updated and qualified prospect list, which can be used as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy (event invite, newsletter, direct mail efforts.)