Q: How do I get started?

A: From the beginning, we will counsel you on how to get the most out of a
telemarketing or lead generation campaign.  Often times we help our clients firm up their important pre-campaign elements such as the call list, the marketing message, the wording and substance of the offer, and help fine-tune one’s target market, in order to put your valuable resources to their best use. And if necessary, MarketReach can provide additional sales training services to help better prepare you or your team. Both MarketReach and our clients can show the most success when our lead generation program is employed over the long-term. Therefore, our specialty, and continued goal, is to ensure that our initial work for you is encouraging enough for you to see real value with continued application. As your sales cycle continues its course throughout the year, in order to see lasting success you must be relentless with feeding your sales pipeline, resting neither on your or our laurels. ROI  depends upon steady, consistent and diligent work in your warm AND cold markets, regardless of whether your sales cycle is 1 week or 1 year. A short term pilot campaign will establish long term expectations in regard to potential number of appointments over the course of the ensuing months. It’s likely we’ve already successfully worked on campaigns similar to yours, so your campaign will benefit from our experience. We also have resources and partners that can further assist you in your goals if and when needed. An assessment of your circumstance will give you all you need to know! Contact us for a free assessment!

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