6 Steps to Build a Solid Prospect List For Sculpture Hospitality Franchisees

As Sculpture Hospitality’s official lead generation company, we would invite you to set us all up for success! If you invested $30,000 – $50,000 for a franchise, doesn’t it make sense to use all the tools at your disposal to market it? Success will undoubtedly start with a good quality prospecting list. Below, you will find a guideline on how to create and build a list that turns into new customers and profits for your business.

  1. Most states allow you to download a copy of the liquor licenses in your territory– either by city, zip code, or entire state. You should do this at least once a year so you can obtain the most recent additions to the list as new companies come into existence /existing companies acquire a liquor license. If this is not available, you can purchase a cold-call list through MarketReach, though it’ll be important to go through the list with a fine-tooth comb to remove those known locations with no liquor license, chain restaurants, or undesirables.
  2. Create and save your list into Excel. Excel is the best tool for managing your list because of its compatibility with various contact management solutions, as well as the ease of sorting by various columns of data if you choose to keep your list in excel. MarketReach requires an excel list so we can easily clean it up for import into our CRM, should you decide to use our service.
  3. Many states list the liquor license owner as the bar owner. Sometimes they are one in the same, but it’s a good idea to double check by simply calling the number to make sure it is not someone’s cell or home phone. If this happens, then just google the bar/restaurant to get their business number. It will be a much more well-received conversation if we catch him/her at their place of business rather than their home or personal cell.
  4. Add additional headers to your list such as owner name, title, alternate contact, next steps, notes, website, email, etc. Next steps might refer to your in-a-nutshell resolution of what action you will take next (i.e. Callback 4/6, not interested, proposal sent, etc.) Also, add a column in your list for “Call Priority” and mark those records in that column in order of your interest in that establishment (A, B or C).
  5. No one knows your territory better than you. If you walk into a place totally cold and find out an owner or GM name, hours of operation, or any information that you can use towards a future marketing campaign, take the time to add that to your list. If that bar/prospect is not in your list then add it. A strong suggestion would be to add it to your list immediately, because inevitably, if you wait, it never gets done.
  6. Your prospect list is always evolving and getting more and more useful week to week. Your list is a marketing tool that you can profit from. If six months from now, you decide to do a mailer or email newsletter, all you have to do is refer to your list. If you are keeping good notes and adding data on a regular basis, direct marketing should be an easy task. Bar owners change. New bars come on the scene, etc…

Thinking of working with MarketReach?
At a bare minimum, your list should contain the bar names, phone numbers, and the addresses of the bar/restaurant. However, if that is all the information on the list, then we will spend time disqualifying places such as corporate entities and Chinese restaurants. Your money is much better spent if you take the time (a couple hours is all it should take) to go through your list and remove anything that is not a viable target, or at the very least, mark it as “C” priority and leave it in the list especially if you’re not familiar with them (as there may be value). Furthermore, if you have knowledge that might be useful for your call team, put it in the notes section! For example, if you met with them in the past, what was the result of that meeting? If you know the owner is a fan of a professional sports team, write it in the notes section. These personal tidbits of information assist in the rapport-building process.

Working with Sculpture/Bevinco Franchisees for the past 13 years has taught us a few things. We have seen over and over that the list quality you provide will make the difference between a good campaign and a great campaign.

Keep in mind that MarketReach Inc. also offers administrative assistance. We can do the grunt work of finding out owner names, email addresses, hours of operation etc… so whether we do the work or you do it, it is a vital step to your success.

By Rita Goodrich, Business Development Specialist at MarketReach Inc.
(609) 448-6364 ext. 105