Appointment Setting Services

  • New Business Development Appointment Setting: we will make those hundreds or thousands of dials to establish strong sales appointments for your best closers. We are well-experienced in calling across various B2B industries, and have a specialization on behalf of operators, and manufacturers such as CPG’s, to penetrate their various targeted channels including the vending, convenience, hospitality, full service restaurants, retail, grocery, and restaurant channels (and many more!)
  • Current Client Appointment Setting: most direct sales reps are able to thoroughly tend to 20-30%, or the top tier, of their accounts. We will assure each account is well tended through recurring phone call touches, so that reps always have a plan of action for each account based on customer need.
  • Inactive Accounts Appointment Setting: Allow us to re-engage those lost or slow accounts that have bought before, who are due for another touch.