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Are your salespeople or telemarketers making the dials? Are they getting through to the decision-makers? Are they strategic and effective with their introductions? Our customized training workshops and consulting programs will provide them the correct techniques and help bring them to their peak efficiency to ensure your company’s success! Consider the following programs:

• Custom telephone script development
• Short term or long term in-house set-up consultation, on-site coaching, training and managing your in-house phone sales team

Our training programs include topics around:

  • Evolution and perfecting of objections and rebuttals
  • Organization of prospecting lists and data
  • Dealing with rejection & fear of the 5,000 lb. phone
  • Cold calling vs. warm calling
  • The art of asking engaging questions
  • Delving into competitive advantages
  • The law of large numbers and persistence!
  • Organization of follow up
  • To leave, or not to leave… the question of voice mail
  • Closing for the appointment
  • Tackling objections and rebuttals
  • Role playing