Why hire MarketReach

Our Expertise in Multi-channel B2B Outbound Lead Gen, Appointment-Setting, & Customer Service Calls:

  • Deal with a company with 15 years of experience under the same owner.
  • B2B lead gen experience- we have a clear understanding of how to conduct a lead gen campaign in the B2B market. Plus, our expert campaign managers will intermittently report to you as the campaign evolves toward its perfection!
  • Receive high quality appointments that turn into sellable opportunities. Utilize MarketReach as part of a master sales plan! For half the cost of a salesperson, get qualified and pre-screened leads all year-round!
  • MarketReach employs 44 sales principles that our callers use to cultivate a powerful 3 – 15 minute introductory presentation, with a tailor-made appointment-setting script that we work on together, which include elements such as: navigating thru the gate-keepers and decision-makers of your target industries, asking great questions you need in order to prequalify your prospect, eliciting needs and pain points, presenting your best value props and competitive advantages in an enthusiastic and authoritative tone, rebutting invalid objections, thinking on our feet, and executing strong yet subtle closes for the appointment.
  • You can wipe your hands clean from in-house telemarketing, which means you incur no hiring, firing, management, training, benefits or workstation costs associated with adding more employees.
  • Keep your closers busy and in their element- do what they do best – speak directly to prequalified buyers who have already expressed an interest to BUY! Leave the intense labor of reaching, qualifying, presenting to, and persuading decision makers, to the experts!
  • You will get your prospect list returned to you, qualified, containing the decision maker’s name and a record of the conversation that took place. We invested heavily into our technology to export your data properly, to assist in future marketing/mailer efforts.
  • You can have access to your online database for a nominal fee. This allows our clients to view, real time, the same database the callers work from. In addition, it allows you to set callbacks for the future, for the caller and enter in your own notes.
  • We’d like to chat about your growth objectives, how you get leads currently and if we can discuss your average annual sale value per client, you can quickly figure out if our service can forecast justification of the investment in the first place.
Call us at 609-448-6364 or email info@MarketReach.biz!