Training and Development Workshops in person or by phone

Are your salespeople or telemarketers making the dials? Are they getting through to the decision-makers? Are they strategic and effective with their introductions? Our customized training workshops and consulting programs will provide them with the correct techniques and help bring them to their peak efficiency to ensure your company’s success!

Short term or Long term In-house Set-up Consultation, On-site Coaching, Training, Managing your in-house phone sales team or individual call agents: Do you want to create a new in-house phone-sales team? Is your current inside sales team in need of a refresh, a revamp, or new techniques and strategies? Take advantage of our experience! We can provide short term training sessions or we can help you build your team from scratch, even help you acquire the management to run it beneath you!

Custom Telephone Script Development: Are you still using the same talking points you developed in a hurry many years ago? Is your sales message and approach consistently evolving toward its ideal? Give us a chance to impress you. We will help you bring out the right words for your presentation against all of the most common and recurring circumstances. Have your salespeople put their best foot forward, and fight the good fight with an arsenal of time-tested but individually-tailored rebuttals!

Organization of prospecting lists and data: If you currently have a Lead Generation system in place at your company, how organized, efficient, structured, accountable and productive is that system? Why work so hard to be the best at what you do if your pipeline for new opportunity is constantly going to springs leaks? Learn the best methodologies around list management including the most useful field headers to include, sorting features for targeted prospecting and Contact management system ideas.

Dealing with Rejection & Fear of the 5,000 lb. phone: Anyone who is neither seasoned nor conversant in a particular public skill will experience some apprehension when the curtain opens. From scripts to business psychology to best practices, receive the skills you and/or your in-house phone-sales team requires to be at their best.

Cold calling vs. Warm calling discussion: It probably won’t surprise you that your current in-house sales team will have better luck, and much higher production, by conducting their business and prospecting within their warm markets more often than the cold. But do you and/or your staff know how to maintain a warm base of opportunity? How to best create a warm list from a cold list? What can associations you network in provide for warm-call opportunities?

The Art of Asking Engaging Questions: Yes, phone sales is an art, and you and/or your phone-sales reps have but a few precious seconds when making that cold, or even warm call, before the gatekeeper, middleman, or decision-maker becomes restless and “busy”! Learn how to keep your prospects engaged and interested! Pull information out of them so that your solution will be a welcome one. Take the time to ask questions and your prospects will be asking YOU for the appointment! MarketReach can show you the secret!

Delving into Competitive Advantages: Saving time, increasing profit, reducing costs, and peace of mind are the quintessential benefits that drive us to BUY! Are you and the members of your phone-sales team prepared to present, persuade, and close on the spot, in the 1-2 minutes they have with each phone prospect, with a solid understanding of your unique benefit statements? Give us a call if you or your team need a bit of structure or reflection on the finer points, virtues, and advantages that set you apart from your hungry competitors, and learn to shine within the nearly unreasonable time allotted to you by your prospects!

The Law of Large numbers and Persistence: Lead generation is about creating consistent and multiple new opportunities. If your reps are slow on the dial, or slow to even make their way over to the phone, then, besides praying that your competitor has the same problems, how can you expect to flourish in your market? Learn how best to utilize your company’s human talent, and how to properly motivate and track your team’s activity.

Organization of Follow Up: Tactful persistence! Most salespeople struggle with how often to follow up and the system surrounding good follow up. We will share with you how to utilize your database for maximum effectiveness when it comes to the ever elusive reconnect with your prospects!

To leave, or not to leave… the question of Voice mail: MarketReach facilitators will prepare for you an effective voice mail and work with you on best methodologies of how often to use voice mail as a tool to get prospects to call you back!

Closing for the appointment: There are some key phrases and verbiage that will allow you to know how and when to close for the appointment. Learn the techniques for getting to the “yes”!

Tackling objections and rebuttals: There are under 10 objections your prospect will throw at you- are you prepared? We will customize rebuttals and offer several variations to fit your own style. Additionally, you can take advantage of role playing opportunities during a training session.

Role playing: With several group or individual exercises, we can help you test your newfound skills in a comfortable setting with your peers or with the consultant directly.