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The Problem:

Each year, thousands of dollars per campaign are lost in revenue due to sub-standard in-store compliance execution and merchandising. Display manufacturers, brands, suppliers, and retailers all share the pain of this problem but none have found a viable solution. Without proper data, insight and action from the front-lines, the industry is losing millions in revenue and market share. Aside from the obvious lost sales opportunities, valuable brand awareness and engagement with shoppers are also diminished. Further, without knowing where the execution inconsistencies exist, it decreases the ability to make strategic long-term decisions that improve ROI.

The MarketReach Solution:

Through our unique, cost effective, one-to-one engagement approach, MarketReach drives successful merchandising, increasing compliance execution 20% – 60% your current rate. We build rapport and follow-up accordingly to get results on in-store compliance objectives. In addition, we deliver comprehensive data and insight to foster better strategic discussions between brands and retailers thereby strengthening those relationships.

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