Increasing Display Compliance & Execution In Retail Stores

Many CPG Companies struggle with getting retailers to properly set-up & merchandize their displays, costing their company thousands of dollars each year. We have a proven track record of increasing display compliance & execution in retail stores.

Some of the ways we do this is through getting managers to put up the display, encouraging suggestive selling and proper merchandizing.

The Current State of POS Compliance: Having cemented our reputation as the top telephone appointment-setting firm in the vending channel, and for the sales teams of top CPG companies, we have heeded the call from these same companies who have on many occasions lamented the state of POS compliance in the retail space. What we are hearing from CPG companies is that execution is currently set at a dismal 20% – 60%, at best. Most businesses and executives involved whose voices are published have raised the issue and are searching for newer, more viable solutions.

What we have done in the Compliance space: Having recently been engaged with prominent brands in the CPG space, we were able to double POS compliance from 40% to 80%, and we have a proven replicable model wherewith to help.

How we can help YOU: We understand the challenges the CPG industry faces when trying to balance efficacy vs. cost, when it comes to solving the most pervasive POS compliance issues. MarketReach’s solution is simple; with a series of introductory and follow-up encouraging calls, we will ensure your signage and materials get the attention they deserve & are merchandized according to your company’s goals. In fact, we have a list of over 60,000 retailers throughout the US and PR to effectively execute our objectives. Most importantly, we are very particular about who we put on the phone to represent your brand.