Other Outbound Telephone Marketing Services

  • Surveys: We will call each account to solicit feedback. Consider conducting an Inactive Accounts Appointment Setting campaign as described above, so that we can bring you and your inactive customers more than just open communication, by ending the survey with a special offer for taking an appointment.
  • Database Cleanup: Our expert call teams can assure that your data base is as up-to-date as possible for your continuing important marketing needs. We can accomplish this by phone, or through internet research conducted by our database admin pros!
  • Administrative List Tasks: We can execute the research required to develop a list from scratch, through internet searches, hard copy sources, and perform other fine-tuning of prospect or customer lists (i.e. phone number acquisition, filling in missing data, etc).
  • LinkedIn Awareness & Connection Campaign: In conjunction with your lead generation & appointment-setting campaign, MarketReach offers a LinkedIn Campaign for both your company page as well as personal pages. We will join relevant groups in your industry & follow pages that most matter to your brand. We will share articles & ideas that fit your message to your target market. We will connect with people that you already have established relationships with that you may not be linked with, as well as new potential prospects that we are, at the same time, trying to reach by phone. We will send pre-approved messages on your behalf to boost the efforts of the lead gen campaign which we will run simultaneously. We can also develop content on your behalf in the form of articles, blogs, & responses to LinkedIn groups for your industry.
  • Inbound Contact Center Services: Bringing in additional customer service agents also brings hefty recruiting & workstation costs, and necessitates large amounts of management. Consider MarketReach as your outsourced customer service team (but we behave as if we’re sitting right next to you without adding any layers of aggravation!) MarketReach can perform straight customer service call answering, or add a sales edge to those customer service inbound calls with talented MarketReach agents! Let us help manage phone inquiries so you and your team can spend time on growing the business!
  • Appointment-setting Training and Sales Training: We provide both Lead Generation and Closing Training conducted by phone while your team follows along right from your office with the adjoining PowerPoint presentation. These are designed for clients (or potential clients) of ours who would like to receive the absolute best strategies, tools, and techniques on how to execute an extremely effective outbound phone lead generation campaign, as well as closing mastery workshops for those in receipt of the sales leads, or both. These workshops usually each consist of the receipt of a killer sales script, and a 2-hr training thereon, or else solely a written version if preferred, of the training, to complement the script.